World 1st remapping company and most experienced. Started with the 1st ECU that was introduced at 1973.

What is remapping?

The modern car has a very complex and extensive computer system; An engine control unit (ECU). This system is responsible for controlling both the engine and virtually all the options a car has.

By rewriting the software ( chiptuning ) that is installed on the ECU, engine control can be changed. changing for example injection times, ignition times, variable camshaft timing or turbo pressure will not only increase engine power and torque. It also positvely influences the car’s characteristics. In some cases it even reduces fuel consumption.

Reliability first


There are several methods for modifying a car. Unfortunately sometimes modifications are performed incorrectly by inexperienced companies, which may cause defects. At Carly Motors, reliability is the highest priority.

Through all the years of experience sins 1973 when the first ECU was introduced, with the right tools and know how, Carly Motors is capable of executing a computermodication completely safe. We always keep a safe margin of the maximum possible. 






pre-developed by Carly Motors

Starting from € 150,- depending on the type of vehicle and engine 



Taylormade reprogramming

Ask us for a price qoute


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