Carly Pellinkhof

“Autosport is a passion, and I am born with it!” That is typically for Carly Pellinkhof, the successful Dutch car- and engine tuner. Starting at the age of 15, fixing the motorcycles for her friends, Carly worked her way up to the top rankings of the national- and international motorsport, working with passion on anything that has to do with ”wheels and speed”.

Passion for speed

While working full-time on motorsport, Carly studied mechanical engineering. The rich motorsport history of Carly and her company Carly Motors is the groundwork of today’s success.

The 70’s and 80’s

In the seventies she prepared Fiat and BMW engines for several autocross teams. But the preparation of the Mazda RX3 of Huub Vermeulen was the start of a career in professional car racing . The recognition of the drivers and teams, and the sportive success led in 1979 to the establishment of her own company; Carly Motors.